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Video - Fresh Installation Drupal 8 of Gavias Theme

Tutorial on how to Fresh Installation Drupal 8 of Gavias Themes
step 1

Download a theme package of your choice (e.g. gavias_pickor_full)

step 2

Extract package.

step 3

Goto folder fresh-installation/demo. Copy the entire contents of the demo folder to the location on your web server where you want your site to be accessed. If you want your primary domain to point to your install of Pickor, copy everything to the root folder. If you want your site to be accessed as a subsection of your domain (for example: then simply rename the demo folder to the desired name and upload to the root of your server..

step 4

Access your MySQL database and create a new DB (e.g. gavias_pickor)


Import the SQL file fresh-installation/ to database for theme(e.g. gavias_pickor). The PhpMyAdmin might be helpfull for managing your databases.


step 5

Install profile standard for drupal






step 6

Login to your site with the username admin and the password admin and visit admin/people to change the admin username and password again, visit admin/config/system/site-information to change the site-information again

Go through the Drupal configuration found in admin/config options and update all the necessary information to reflect your website. Also be sure to visit /admin/config/media/file-system and update the Files Directories.

And visit admin/config/development/performance Clear all cache drupal.


You're having a full website.